Eyelash Vendors Wholesale & Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes For Private Brand

About Bossskin Lashes

Bossskin Lashes is the most professional Eyelash Vendors and custom eyelash packaging boxes wholesale from China,create your own brand for you.

Bossskin Lashes as a old Lash Vendors was founded in 2008, we were determined to make the best Wholesale Mink Lashes in the world and to produce the best Mink Lashes .

We are the top 5 Brands in USA Market . and Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is the TOP 2 Brands in China and USA.

Bossskin Lashes have More Then 10 Years handcraft experences and professional service team.

Bossskin Lashes Aim is supply the best Mink Lashes and Custom Beatiful Eyealsh Boxes , Let Our Customer make won Brand Eyelash Business Successful and Make More Moeny and More rich .

Now Bossskin lashes as Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes which has been popular among people in different parts of the world.

Bossskin Lashes have professional technical workers and excellent management team. Have a well-established 3D Mink Eyelashes production process, Our Mink Lashes strictly in line with international inspection standards, We are Looking forward to cooperating with you.

About our Products

Bossskin Lashes is the best wholesale lash vendors of mink lashes, we can wholesale mink lashes of 25mm Mink Lashes, 22mm Mink Lashes,20mm Mink Lashes, and 16mm Mink Lashes.


We can also accept individual purchase of mink lashes, do not need 1000 pairs, we can accept MOQ 10 pairs, we hope every girl can get the respect and best experience of purchasing mink eyelashes of our brand.The best wish is that every lady in the world can wear the world’s unique mink eyelashes in the hands of our workers, because of your dazzling, worthy of possession.

Bossskin Lashes Introduction Of Lashes:

100% Siberian mink eyelashes

100% Hand made eyelashes

3D & 5D eyelashes

Cruelty free

Reuse 15-25 times

Lashes are soft and comfortable without discomfort Suit anyone

25MM Siberian Mink Eyelash Vendors

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25mm Mink Lashes Vendor

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22mm Mink Lashes Vendor

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16 mm Mink Lashes Vendor

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20mm Mink Lashes Vendor

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A sample order of eyelashes, please order below:

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Wholesale Lash Vendors

Customize Eyelash Packaging Box


Custom Eyelash Boxes

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These are our customer’s custom eyelash packaging box. Our custom lash packaging are printed with customers ‘logos, or create your own eyelash packaging logos designed by our designers are very beautiful, so this popular list is to show customers’ beautiful packaging boxes.

Eyelash Packaging

Custom Lash Boxes

Custom Eyelash tweezers

Eyelash Tweezers

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Custom Eyelash glue

Eyelash Glue

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Bossskin Lashes Aim:

Create realistic 3D eyes

Enjoy gentle and comfortable

Zero touch, wind blows

Best-selling worldwide

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Bossskin Lashes Styles and order:

Short styles–16mm,18mm,

Medium styles–20mm,22mm

Long styles–25mm

(Natural lashes,Dramatic lashes, Fuller lashes,Whispy lashes )

Mix different lashes styles order,Please note.(For example:25mm–DL04.08,22mm–DN02,14, and so on)

Mink Eyelash Vendors

Bossskin Lashes Custom Box:

Can choose our box on catalog

Our box with your logo–MOQ only is 30 pcs

The box without logo–No quantity limit,Can do box samples

If do not have logo,can let our designers FREE design logo for you,

Box order:Please note.(For example:EP78 Box With Logo,50 pcs,)

If need Special customized for you,the MOQ need 100pcs

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Feedback From Our Customers

And please check our Instagram, select the video you like, and contact me to place an order.

Recently, many customers have started their own eyelash business and need more professional mink lash vendors. However, some customers do not know how to find eyelash vendors wholesale, so they are easily cheated. Therefore, our company specifically intercepts some customer feedback to make customers trust us and understand us better. Our customers like our high-quality eyelashes and custom eyelash boxes.It is our pleasure to serve you.

Our Luxury Mink Lashes Design

Our eyelash style is independently designed by our chief designer OSCAR. OSCAR is one of the only two eyelash designers in China. OSCAR designs various types of eyelashes to adapt to different situations and environments according to various aesthetic ideas.

Our chief designer, OSCAR, regularly launches 48 eyelashes a year, including a variety of environments such as daily work, work, holiday travel, dating, banquets, performances, Patty and other environments, which can help you build the most comprehensive eyelash mall. Click here ^6 to check all our eyelash styles.

OSCAR, the first sculpture artist, was one of the first founders of our eyelash career. When we decided to build this eye eyelash business, he decided to give the soul to our products with his own inspiration and beauty. OSCAR poured all his life into our eyelashes, so we can make such beautiful, perfect eyelashes.

When you become our long-term partner, our chief designer, OSCAR, can design ten unique eyelashes styles for you free of charge. This is our privilege to give distinguished partners.

Features of our mink eyelash products

Our eyelashes are very light and soft, not only very soft hair, but also very soft eyeliner. Our eyelash users experience very well, because our products are very light and very soft, worn on the eyes, even the users themselves can not feel. It is precisely because of this excellent user experience that our product is always sought after by users.

The eyelashes produced by us can be used more than 15 times in a row, thanks to our very soft eyeliner. Some manufacturers’ eyelashes are hard. When you want to reuse them, you will notice that their eyeliner is cracked or broken. And all parts of our eyelashes are very soft, so it can undergo repeated cleaning. Our eyeliner is made of cotton thread and edible glue. It is the best choice for consumers to be safe and comfortable.

Our eyelashes are fashionable and always lead the fashion. Because our eyelash styles are all designed by our chief designer, OSCAR. We designed the new 3DS012 in February 2018, with customers ordering 1000 pairs in the first week of its appearance, ordering 5000 pairs in second weeks, and making a direct order of 1000 pairs in third weeks. Our unique design can make you a leader in fashion and a leader in fashion.

 What Is 3D Mink Lashes ?

Compared to other styles of mink lashes, 3D mink lashes are handmade. The material is the hair that naturally sheds from the Siberian mink. Mink hair is a natural black protein, so it looks natural when people wear them. And the curls of the mink lashes are different,they looks like have 3D effect, so they are called 3D mink lashes. This style of lash is the best and most expensive eyelash.

The 3D mink lashes we make are 4-8 layers and look fuller and thicker than other vendor’s lashes. Once customers see them, they feel they can’t wait to wear them! We have a lot of styles of mink lashes, and the effects of different styles are different. Once you compare our lashes with cheap lashes, I believe you will not wear cheap mink lashes. Don’t tell me that cheap mink lashes also have a market, because the market always shifts, you can’t wait until all customers turn to high-end lashes to realize that you need to promote them!

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 Why Our Mink Lashes Have the Best Quality ? 

 Exquisite and unique raw material treatment technology so far no one can reach!In the pursuit of perfection, each hair is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips.(other suppliers don’t have the technology and don’t choose at all)

 Each Hair is put on the design by skilled workers and assure the left eyelash is same as the right eyelash .Eyelash integral effect is perfect!(other products have asymmetric eyes)

 About the eyelash band, the eyelash band is thin and clean, the glue is developed exclusively:, and obtain the national patent protection, our eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable.Mink eyelashes can be used for 20-25 times.(other products are overflowing with glue, the eyeliner is easy to break after a long time, and the eyelashes fall off!)

 About eyelash modelling, the finalize the design craft that develops exclusively ensures come out eyelash is elegant and natural, be not hard, easy break, overgrown!

 As for eyelash design, we have our own designers, which constantly update styles according to the changing demands of the international market, and always stay at the forefront of fashion and lead the international eyelash trend.Many of our designs soon became hot style!Our designers are able to tailor designs to customer needs, which is unique in the market.Help customers consolidate the market.Make your beauty more unique!

What Can We Do For You?

Wholesale  Mink Lashes/Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Vendor:

After hundreds of experiments and experiences, we have succeeded in making the mink lashes perfectly suitable for people,this is the result of the efforts of many people! And we will also do questionnaires. When we achieve 90% product experience satisfaction, we will sell the products to our customers! We except customers to give us feedback,so that we can further improve our products! After two years of hard work, we have achieved the perfection of products, we can say that we succeeded!

We not only meet many women’s pursuit of beauty,but also bring business opportunities for more partners.

If you are looking for a good Mink Eyelash Vendors, you must choose a Mink Eyelash supplier with good quality and constantly updated style, because she not only brings you the advantage of quality Mink Eyelash, but also the brand effect of the new style is no. Price, because we have our own design team, we constantly update new Mink Eyelash styles, our customers are more competitive in the market.

This is what we do for our customers!Doing business knows what value the product will bring to you!

 Customize The Packaging For Your Brand :

The most important thing is that when you need to customize the packaging for your brand, we can custom lash packaging for you, and we can print your LOGO on the packaging, let you sell your own brand of 3D mink lashes!

Our custom packaging has a minimum order quantity of only 60 pieces, which is very low for you!We don’t recommend using a plastic transparent box with a label,the level of this package is very low. The customer will not think of your lashes have the value of $20-$30! Please remember that even the best products also need good packaging!

Provide Website Construction ServiceFoYou :

If you have a beautiful website to showcase your quality lashes, you can get a lot of customers and orders. If you need a website of 3D mink lashes, you can also contact us directly!The cost of one year is only 699$, we can show you the effect of your website, then you can buy it after you are satisfied.

If you order our website, our designers will custom the design for you. Then we will design the product pictures and upload them to your website, and we need you to send us your LOGO, information, contact information , and each page you need to fill in the content, we can complete the website within 3 days,! And we will give you the background management system of website login information, so you can accept the order by yourself, don’t worry about the operation problem, if you can send dynamics messages on FACEBOOK, you can use our website to receive orders and operate shipments in the background system !

We are professionally providing one-stop all-in-one to the mink lash vendor, we can help your eyelash business get bigger!

 Why Are We the Best Partners?

We have the most perfect production and Wholesale Mink Eyelashes experience, the most abundant understanding of all kinds of eyelashes, if you want to know our products, we have arranged all the data of 3D silk lashes for you, I hope to be able to help you.

We are professional high quality Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors, but we also welcome personal users to buy, using our products can make you more attractive, improve your use experience, this is our ultimate goal!

If you are looking for a reliable long-term Lash Vendors Wholesale. Congratulations! You are very lucky to have met us. We know how important it is to have an excellent supplier to do business well. We are also very lucky to be able to let you know our products. If you want to know more about us and learn more about our products, please read on.

In terms of delivery time, in the Internet age, time is money, and in the Internet age, the winner takes all. Whoever seizes the time will gain business opportunities.

As for mass production, our workers have years of experience, training, patience, perseverance and creativity to ensure the consistency between mass production and samples.

About the packaging, you only need to tell us your ideas, the designer will make a three-dimensional effect after the order confirmation!

Our business personnel are patient, considerate, always think of you, urgent you urgent, is your strong and reliable backing!

About Our Bossskin Lashes Team

Our company has more than 50 people, divided into specialized production team, design team, sales team and after-sales team. We can properly solve any problems that we may encounter.

Our production team is a group of energetic young men, they are full of enthusiasm and execution. They can strictly control the quality of the products, strictly control the production cycle, and ensure that your goods can reach your hand as you wish.

Our design team is a group of designers with rich experience and strong imagination and creativity. They can modify and innovate eye eyelash style and private custom packaging design according to your requirements. They are the most creative people in our group.

Our sales team is responsible for communicating with you directly. Each of them has received professional training, has rich professional knowledge and excellent service quality. It gives you the most professional advice and gives you a happy purchasing experience.

Our after-sale team is responsible for the easiest job in our company, because our professionalism can help us to prevent most of the problems, and we rarely need to use the after-sale team. However, if you need them, they will be waiting for your message for 24 hours.

About Our Mink Lashes Shipping Transport

We only need 3-5 days to transport your goods by international express to any corner of the world. The transportation companies that we work with have FedEx, DHL, DPEX, UPS, ARAMEX, etc., to ensure your goods arrive safely and safely in your hands.

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