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She spent nearly $800 the first time…

This is a new customer who ordered 100 boxes of our 100 pairs of eyelashes for the first time.

Thank you very much for the trust she placed in us, and of course we will never let her down.

Our eyelashes are made of real Siberian mink hair.We have our own designer team and our service is the best.

We are your most loyal partner, and our products are the key to your success.

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Regular customers place orders

This is a former customer of mine.

The first time she bought only two pairs of eyelashes.I thought she bought them for herself.

She liked them so much she bought 30 pairs of eyelashes and 30 boxes a few days later.

The eyelashes with poor quality cannot stand the test of customers.Only good quality products are popular with customers.

Our eyelashes are made of real Siberian mink hair,have a good quality and good price.

You must not miss, hurry up to buy ah!

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Flowers and Eyelashes

Spring has come,go out with a romantic partner or friend with the beautiful eyelash .


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Customer feedback

This girl was one of my customers the other day.

Today I asked her  if she had received our eyelashes.

She was a very warm girl and showed me the video with our eyelashes on.

She is very beautiful and has big eyes. Our eyelashes suit her very well.

Thanks her very much for liking our eyelashes, and I also enjoyed the process of chatting with her.


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Video on March 27th

Yesterday’s delivery video ah, yesterday too busy forgot to send.