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Why keep designing new styles?

Why keep designing new styles?

It is normal for people to have a low opinion of the past

Innovation can bring more business opportunities!

Today, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction after meeting the basic living standards.To have faith, to learn more, to constantly improve themselves, keep up with the trend of The Times, to make up, in this extremely competitive society to give themselves self-confidence, full of spirit to face work, life!

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However, being bored with the new is the normal state of human nature. Constantly changing styles will bring you different moods. Constantly changing styles will attract more people’s attention, thus making you happier in your work and life.

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Based on this, we not only to the eyelash pursuit of natural realistic effect, but also to the eyelash design innovation, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or clever…Let consumers always stand in the forefront of fashion, the first time to experience the latest products!Let consumers always stand in the forefront of fashion to show their own!

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Constantly design new styles to meet the needs of different occasions of each consumer.Meetings, parties, stages, lectures, red carpets…Different clothes, different makeup, and different styles of eyelashes are needed for different occasions.

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Consumers like fresh, like at the first time to try something new, design a new style continuously, bring different experience to consumers for the first time, the Internet age winner-take-all, the first time to get the new can be launched for the first time in the network, to bring more collected at the customer site, forwarding, distributors. 

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We hope to be the most reliable design department of our customers. We have designed and developed the sable eyelashes, 3D sable eyelashes, 3D velvet eyelashes and 25mm sable eyelashes. All these have brought huge business opportunities to our customers. 

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Imitation of products is lagging behind, after knowledge, is in the product popular began to imitate, which virtually lost too much business opportunity, even if the price is cheap can not cooperate!

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Innovation is our core!Quality is our life!

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The eyelashes choice is important

Choosing high-quality eyelashes is the first step in the eyelash business

The Internet era has truly realized that there is no difficult business in the world, and everyone has a lot of business platforms at hand.Instagram, website, FACEBOOK, linkedin, ALIBABA…

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Now that the platform has been selected, there are many manufacturers and it is easy to find them through the Internet. So what kind of products should we choose?What kind of products suit you?

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What kind of products to start your own eyelash business?

Your choice of products, the first is you want to like this product, if you don’t like it, it is impossible to the long-term development of your business, because you like this product, you can try to understand the product, then sell the product, strengthen the confidence yourself, your customers will trust you, will buy your product, so, your business can go further.

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How to choose a good supplier?

In the past, the network may be underdeveloped, so you can only go to some exhibitions to find suppliers. Most of those suppliers are foreign trade companies with separate factories and companies, which do not have the support of factories themselves, so the delivery date cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is better not to choose such foreign trade companies without factories.

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Nowadays, under the leadership of the Internet age, there are many ways for you to find suppliers. If you want to start your own eyelash business, you can try to choose a foreign trade company with factories, which can guarantee the quality and delivery time of your goods.

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How to tell the truth of a factory?

If you are at an exhibition, like eyelashes, be sure to check to see if the exhibitors have enough goods.Instead of just taking a few samples and Posting all the photos?

The price of sable eyelashes is high, and the products are small. If the exhibitors have the ability to bring a variety of samples and a lot of products, then you can choose, they should have a factory. 

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On the Internet, everyone says he is a factory, in this case, how do you know the true or false factory?

Everyone says he is on the Internet, and they just copy others’ photos on the Internet on its own network shows, this is really difficult to discern, but are you going to look at their website is updated regularly, if not for a long time no update, this website will most likely not manufacturer, and talk to your supplier, when speech make you feel enough sincerity?Is there enough innovation?Is there strength to help you develop the market?Have the ability to help you solve the problem in the process of selling goods?

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Is his delivery date fast enough?The most important thing is not to place an order in a hurry, not to worry about a large order, to see if his goods quality and delivery date is stable?Test it slowly.Believe your own feelings, our sincerity can move anyone!

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Why choose eyelash market?

Eyelashes belong to day consumable article, everybody wants to use, market potential is huge.

Eyelash is to belong to cosmetic, belong to lipstick economy category, economy is more depressed, the market is bigger instead, it won’t be affected by market economy. 

Eyelash is small, transport is convenient, general express can arrive at the door, do not receive national economy policy to affect!

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Huge market potential, make eyelash attentively, can change your destiny!

Choose the right product, you can feel at ease to do it, take out your enthusiasm, to achieve your dream and work hard!

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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Collections

This girl was one of my customers the other day.

Today I asked her  if she had received our eyelashes.

She was a very warm girl and showed me the video with our eyelashes on.

She is very beautiful and has big eyes. Our eyelashes suit her very well.

Thanks her very much for liking our eyelashes, and I also enjoyed the process of chatting with her.


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How to make your eyelash business successful?

How to make your eyelash business successful?

Why didn’t your eyelash business succeed? 

Why did you have so much trouble with the eyelash business? 

Why did you fail at the beginning of your eyelash business? 

How to do your eyelash business smoothly?

Why are all the eyelashes you sold to the customer required by the customer to return?

Why are the eyelashes you order different every time? 

Why do you always like high quality eyelashes and low quality prices?

Why did your eyelash customers lose all the low-quality goods you sent?

Why is the quality of the bottom eyelashes free to customers do not customers?

Why do customers like to buy high quality eyelashes? 

What is the product quality trend of eyelash purchase?

Now wholesale mink eyelashes customer problem is a large number of goods and sample quality seriously unstable.The quality of bulk goods is uneven.The delivery date is not stable, and the customers have publicized the guaranteed delivery date, so they cannot deliver the goods on time and lose the customers

Without the ability to update, customers always lag behind in the sense of style and lose a lot of opportunities to make money in the market.If you do not give customers timely update of styles, once new products appear in the market, your customers will soon be lost to other new customers. There is no such thing as innovative styles for low-quality products, but they will only lower the quality and lower the price of competition

Now e-commerce is so developed, good products, bad products we all know that the real money products are always quality products

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers in the satisfaction of living standards, the United States is about to the extreme, if the United States is not extreme, not natural, not perfect, that also painting what outfit?Is it better not to wear makeup?This is now suppliers and consumers have the concept of deviation, this is the source of your loss of customers

Consumers looking for good product quality eyelashes, consumers are not afraid of spending money, willing to consume as long as I feel good, middlemen these fools know the low price low price, finally in the low quality of the competition under a bankruptcy!

Dear customer, can you understand?Consumers and middlemen are wrong.Consumer class, middlemen concept can not keep up with consumer concept

When consumers say the price is high, middlemen really think that there is something wrong with the price. In fact, consumers want good things

Eyelashes in particular have this problem is particularly serious, consumer and middleman concept deviation. 

If you do low-price, low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day long, just set up a department to deal with customer returns and product quality complaints, your cost is also very high

I suggest you set up a department to deal with complaints, you are plagued by these problems every day, time cost time cost.Focus on the house sales, suppliers of products without worry, focus on things will do better.The logic of the customer overturned, when our logic must be correct, do not necessarily talk about the customer, but the customer will consider.

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Popular Lashes Styles

Popular Lashes Styles

Bossskinlashes is professional great quality of mink lashes and custom packaging boxes manufacturer.

You must be asking me, why are our eyelashes so popular?

because our lashes are light, natural and comfortable to wear.

When you put on our lashes,not only do your eyes look a lot bigger, but they also look very natural and curly.

If You Want To Know More:   



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Why didn’t your eyelash business succeed?

Why didn’t your eyelash business succeed?

Eyelash business threshold is low, need cost is small, do not accept custom to restrict, express is delivered quite convenient, every day thousands of people flood into this industry, alibaba also has a lot of people to open ali website to begin eyelash business every day…There are also a lot of people starting eyelash business on social platforms…Eyelash business so many, but only a few good, why your eyelash business did not succeed?Dear customer, have you reflected?

Doing things blindly will only lead to ruin. Some people just see 3d eyelashes and others make money and profit, so they choose to do eyelashes business blindly.Think you can make money by getting the goods.Because not professional, do not know to judge eyelash from which respect where good, where bad, which eyelash can choose?

Which eyelashes are not optional?

Cheap goods are junk goods made by cheap workers. The quality of the products is so poor that no one in the market recognizes them.

Because some lashes vendors do not know,lashes vendors in order to win orders, with good market selling 3 d eyelash pictures to show the customer, the price is high, and the actual big goods received a completely different product, or product quality is uneven, eyelash is pure manual products, the market experienced workers are expensive, and are still available, pure handmade products into the enterprise and individual features, 3 d product can not be false eyelash.This leads to a middleman propaganda picture, and the actual receipt of bulk goods is a look, middleman credibility loss!Lose the market!

Most middlemen are not engaged in business of eyelash or from other industry turned to do 3 d mink false eyelashes, because there is no this aspect of the business, the market for 3 d mink false eyelashes, consumers’ attitude, spending habits also don’t know, but the supplier only immediate interests, can’t give customers better suggestion from the market level, market strategy, result in the dealer can’t smooth communication with final consumers, consumers appear problem, intermediaries can’t quick and correct decisions, give consumers a reasonable explanation, fast effective solution.Leading to middlemen loss of market opportunities. 

Some middlemen get good products, but do not know the consumption habits of the final consumer, I do not understand the consumer demand point, because the product does not know, can not give consumers a better feeling.Thus missing the market opportunity.

Products and reputation in the minds of consumers do not leave a good impression, get a good product, and do not have the right sales ideas, your eyelash business is difficult to make it!

Dear customers, nothing can be simply successful. With a good product, a good platform, a good marketing strategy, suitable sales ideas for products, and a good supplier who can help you solve your problems, our business can only be bigger and bigger!

Qingdao company, adhering to the “beauty of love, with love to affect others, to act really, with the real touch of the world!

Sincerity is the highest wisdom!”Concept, hard service to every customer!

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Bossskinlashes are mink lashes wholesale vendor and custom lash packaging:

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Our Lash Packaging

Lash Packaging

Bossskin Lashes is the most professional Eyelash Vendors and custom lash packaging wholesale from China,create your own brand for you.


Looking to custom eyelash box packaging?

Custom eyelash packaging has been increasingly popular on the market, thanks to the huge demand on false eyelashes. People desire to have beautiful lashes but some are not lucky to have such lashes so they have to go for artificial ones. And fake lashes usually need to be pack in custom boxes as they are sensitive enough to get crumpled or damaged easily.

We provide high quality eyelash box packaging that is perfect to provide complete protection to the product. With our eyelash box, you can make sure to keep eyelashes far from getting broken or scratches.

We custom printed eyelash packaging boxes in a variety of styles, sizes,colors,finishings,etc according to customer’s demand. Eyelash box is one of the very popular packaging boxes. Simply send your requests or consult with our professional team for a best eyelash packaging solution. 

​Custom Printed Eyelash Packaging Boxes:

  • All sizes, colors,shapes, surface finishings,etc are made to order.

  • MOQ: 30pcs

  • Sample time: 3 – 5 days

  • Production lead time: About 3-5 days depending on order details.

  • Shipping: by sea, by air, by express, depending on your demand.

Packing Boxes Factory is your reliable custom printed eyelash packaging box manufacturer and supplier. ​

We are able to make excellent quality custom eyelash boxes in a wide variety of styles,sizes, colors, materials, finishing, logo printing,etc according to your needs.​

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Rectangular transparent box

Bossskin Lashes is Most professional supplier from china.Our company supplies the top 5 brands in USA market.

We have our own factory.We are the best supplier of mink strip eyelashes.

More than 5 years manufacture experiences and professional service team, Our aim is to supply best eyelashes and service in the world!

This is our new rectangular transparent box,you can choose different colors of the bottom card,and you can print the LOGO.

Custom Eyelash Case

Choose Different Bottom Card

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She spent nearly $800 the first time…

This is a new customer who ordered 100 boxes of our 100 pairs of eyelashes for the first time.

Thank you very much for the trust she placed in us, and of course we will never let her down.

Our eyelashes are made of real Siberian mink hair.We have our own designer team and our service is the best.

We are your most loyal partner, and our products are the key to your success.