Eyelash Glue

Eyelash Glue

★Product specifications: 5ML/10ML

★Color: white, transparent, black

★Usage: Apply the brush with the fine hair brush to the root of the false eyelashes, wait 20 seconds, apply the false eyelashes along the eyelash growth line after the glue is dry, and gently press from the middle to the ends.


  • Fine brush head type, easy to apply, no waste. It can be adjusted Glue amount at any time.

  • Easy to stick, waterproof and sweat-proof, no damage to the skin, strong adhesion, long-lasting eyelashes, easy to carry.

EG01 White[ 10ml ]

EG02  White[ 5ml ]

EG03  Black[ 10ml ]

EG04  Black[ 5ml ]

EG05  Transparent[ 10ml ]

EG05  Transparent[ 5ml ]

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