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Custom Lash Glue And Print You Own Logo

Custom Lash Glue And Print You Own Logo

Bossskin Lashes is The Best Eyealsh Wholesale Vendor From China, We ae the top 5 Brands in USA Market . and Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is the TOP 2 Brands in China and USA.

We are mink lash vendors and custom eyelash packaging, and we also can custom lash tweezers and custom lash glue.Because our company already has its own factory, packaging boxes and tweezers, glue, can print logos, customers can customize their own brand products in our company.

custom lash glue

The eyelash glue is mainly used for the adhesion of eyelashes. It is used to beautify artificial eyelashes for the eye, and the eyelashes are lengthened and thickened. The eyelash glue is not only used for professional make-up, but also used for makeup.

lash glue vendors

And now,our company have 10 ml and 5 ml glue, 10 ml with gold and silver tube of glue, the two colors to make glue look very good-looking, and then the logo printed on the glue or paste the logo sticker, is very good, then we have 5 ml glue, 5 ml glue has a black and white, transparent glue, liquid glue tube is the gold and silver packaging, print logo on the very can reflect the customer’s brand.

Custom Lash Glue

mink lash vendors

Method of use:

1. Apply a small amount of false eyelash glue to the edge of the false eyelashes, which can be replaced easily. The amount should be slightly more.

2. Then apply a layer of false eyelash glue to your eyelashes. When the adhesive glue is quick to dry, bend the false eyelashes.

3. Press false eyelashes along the eyelash roots. Press for about 10 seconds with your hands to blend the real and fake eyelashes.

4. Use a cotton swab to apply makeup remover to clean the roots of eyelashes, remove false eyelashes, and remove eye makeup.

Note: The eyelashes at the corner of the eye are not careful. You can use a toothpick, apply false eyelash glue to the corner of the eye, and then overcome the eyelashes. After the false eyelash glue is dried, the eyelashes can be fixed.

Our customers customize the glue with logo very beautiful:

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