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Customers Want To Find Out The Price, How To Face It?

Customers Want To Find Out The Price, How To Face It?

Since the customer came to ask eyelash vendors about the price of eyelashes, it means that he is conscious of eyelashes or want to custom eyelash packaging.

Since writing emails to wholesale mink lashes, as long as you are not with your peers, you should cherish this email. Now the time cost is high, and customers will not spend time writing emails for no reason. Unless it’s peers asking about prices. Ignore such emails and ignore them. But the client is interested in making eyelashes, and his interest needs your help and guidance during the bud period. You need to understand the situation of the customer, seek the confusion of the customer, where is the point that needs help?

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If the customer writes to you and considers the customer’s email repeatedly, where is his demand?

Ask the customer a simple little question about the email, and the customer can answer it effortlessly and also help to grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Have you done 3D mink eyelashes before?”

Or “What product have you done before?”

“Do you have a website?”

“How did you know about our company?” Etc.,

targeted at customer emails or given to you Ask questions while chatting.

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After understanding the customer’s needs, if we can do it, then tell the customer what our suggestions are for specific issues and what we can do. After providing valuable information, tell customers that you can make choices based on your situation! Don’t force yourself to let customers make a decision!

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After understanding the customer’s situation, the customer’s basic problems can be expected. Customers are basically divided into three categories:

Or have done it before, come and compare the prices,

Or he saw that others were selling well, and he wanted to inquire about the situation,

Or it was new to him and interested in it.

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As long as you are interested and conscious of eyelashes, you can guide customers to judge:

We are glad we can help you. The product of 3D mink eyelashes is graded. Before you decide to buy, you must clearly distinguish the grade of the product before buying the product. If you want to know the price click this page, (this page is made high, middle and low The three grades of products are compared with the pictures and prices to stimulate customers.) The price of high-end eyelashes is relatively high. It can be used 20-25 times repeatedly. It is comfortable and non-stressful. Low cost per wear. The low-end and middle-end eyelashes are low in price, not reusable, and unnatural to wear. The cost of each wear is much higher. Serious blinking makes you unconscious to do things.

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high-end eyelashes flowing naturally. Low-end eyelashes, overgrown sensation, stiff hair, stiff eyeliner, easy to break when placed for a long time, easy to break at the end of raw material processing, no hair tips So choose to choose the highest grade and choose a competitive price, Then our products are just right for you, because our quality is very high, of course, our price is very cheap compared to the quality, our cost performance is very high, different grades of products are different prices. Customers are advised to order samples and compare the market acceptance, product quality and service. Grasp the pace of negotiations, and step by step to promote customers to reach a deal.

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