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Do You Offer Samples Of Custom Eyelash Boxes?

Do You Offer Samples Of Custom Eyelash Boxes?

You have wholesaled Super quality  mink lashes,  How could you retail in Good Price. If the Eyelash Packaging is affixed with a  plastic label, so the packaging is very low. The customer will not think that the eyelashes have a value of 20-30 dollar . Please remember that even the  best products also need good packaging.

Custom  Eyelash Boxes

Creating  your own eyelash packaging is a good idea:

Custom Lash CasesCustom Butterfly  Lash Cases

When customer see the beautiful product,  they  so love it and can not waiting to get it.  Usually Custom Eyelash Packaging print your logo have MOQ, As the Eyelash Box Vendors should  customize the lash boxes print with your logo. So if you want one piece Custom Eyelash Packing  sample , the cost is same as MOQ.   The MOQ is not same in different Lash Vendors from 100 pieces to 20 pieces.

Custom Eyelash Box with logo. Be sure  it is printed not sticker:Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Black Packaging

So if can not make one Custom Lash Packaging sample.  You are must worry about when received bulk not what you wanted?

So you should confirm with your Eyelash Vendors , the logo is printed in the box not stickers. As LOGO stickers can not increase the value of your good Mink Lashes but let them look like a poor quality.

Eyelash Packaging

So  You can ask some finished eyelash packaging videos and the better is some reviews from other customers. After you really be sure you find what you wanted, So you can begin your order to pay and let them to make a preview in picture for you to confirm.   If you are still in worry ,do not be rushed. You can make a little trial order firstly.

Custom Lash Boxes

We could customize your private Eyelash Packaging Box , MOQ only 20pcs. Once you received  trial order and be sure that is what you want. Than to order in big quantity .

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

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