Eyelash Advantage Marking

Eyelash Advantage Marking

25 processes carefully built, every process must be seriously to the extreme to come out the perfect product!

Superb unique raw material processing technology so far unparalleled!In pursuit of perfection, each eyelash is carefully selected by patient workers with pointed hair.(other suppliers have no technology and can’t choose at all)

Each eyelash is placed by a skilled worker and is symmetrical to the right and left eyes.Eyelash overall effect perfect!(other products have asymmetrical left and right eyes)

About eyelash eyeliner,eyelash eyeliner is fine and clean,glue is developed exclusively,and obtained the national patent protection,our eyelash eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable.Ferret eyelashes can be used more than 20 to 25 times.(spilled glue of other products, easy to break eyeliner after a long time, lashes fall off!)

About eyelash modelling, exclusive research and development finalize the design technology to ensure that the eyelashes come out elegant and natural, rather than hard, easy to break, overgrown weeds!

About eyelash design, we have our own designers, according to the changing needs of the international market, constantly update the style, always walk in the forefront of fashion, leading the international eyelash trend!Many of our designs soon became hot style!Our designers can make customized styles according to customers’ needs, which is unique in the market.Help customers consolidate the market.Make your beauty more unique!

Our eyelash market recognition is high, can help you in the network instant accumulation of high reputation!

About delivery time, network age, time is money, Internet age, winner-takes-all, who seize the time, who will get business opportunities, we have our own factory, inventory, ensure the fastest delivery time to help you occupy the market in the first time!

As for the packaging, you just need to tell us your idea, and the designer will confirm the order with three-dimensional effect drawing after confirmation!

Our business personnel is patient, considerate, always think you think, urgent you urgent, is your strong and reliable backing!

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