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Find a 3D mink eyelash partner

We are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products

Hello our partner:


We are Eyelash Vendors, amd now we are looking for a partner to promote our 3d mink lashes products


We are looking for a partner to promote our products. if you have anyone point you can contact with us .

Why did you choose us as your supplier?

Bossskin Lashes luxurious 3D mink lashes peculiarity
1.Best mink material
2.Best glue
3.No chemical additive,no pungent smell,No allergic
4.Good reusability, reuse 20 times +
5.Lashes band very Soft,Comfortable,
6.Wear it,Lightweight,No extra weight
7.Every mink hair have hair top,No break,More natural and beautiful.
8.The lashes curve not be deformed after reuse and Washed
9.Handmade100%,Control each mink hair well
10.Certified Cruel free

miis lashes

misen lashes

I am very excited to write this blog is that we are very urgent need you help and . We want you to create a video about our product videos posted to you and increase access to our website. The amount, then we pay you the corresponding fee.

miis lashes

Our products 3D mink eyelashes,custom lash box,lash tweezers,lash glue,
Our website
Our brand bossskin lashes

lashes vendors

We very much hope that you can bring traffic to our website. What are the ways to work with you? How much does it cost to make and publish a promotional video?

eyelash packaging

I look forward to your contact with us ,  contact my Email :


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