Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Bossskin Wholesale Hair Vendors is a leading Professional Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer,Professional Supplier 100% Human Hair Brends, Brazilian Virgin Hair, India Virgin Hair, Malaysia Virgin Hair, Peru Virgin Hair, Mongolia Virgin Hair, Cambodia Virgin Hair, Ombre Hair Brends, Silk Lace Closure and Human Hair Lace Wigs.High quality, factory direct wholesale prices.Welcome to our – Lando – your best development industry partner!

Wholesale Virgin Hair Distributors

Bossskin Wholesale Virgin Hair have differnet mink virgin hair bundles.Because they have a long life and a wide range of uses, they offer the best scalability experience.Bossskin Virgin Hair Vendors is the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors. Not only do we offer the very Best Virgin Hair at real factory prices, but we can provide useful advice for your hair business and guide you into new business.

Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer

Bossskin Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer Professional supplier of 100% Human Hair extensions, 100%Virgin Hair,and now we have different hair bundles and also have we have 6 hair bundles: Body Wave, Curly Hair, Deep Wave, Loos Wave, Straight Hair, Water Wave. these are all natural color, Closure and Frontal. so we also have #613 colors bundles,but now we have straight and body wave in stock.the #613 Closure and you also can choose your favorite styles. For the wigs, we have 13*4 lace frontal wig and 13*6 lack frontal wig.

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Bossskin Wholesale Virgin Hair

Bossskin Wholesale Virgin Hair #613

Bossskin Wholesale Lace Wig

  • Body Wave Hair Bundle

Body Wave is a lush hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave pattern.It is large in size, low in maintenance, and widely used.Use a single bundle to add waviness to your hair.This type of hair is very creative in cutting, styling or braiding.

  1. For 10-14 inches, two bundles and one closure or frontal are recommended. For 16-22 inches, three bundles are recommended. For lengths over 22 inches, four bundles are recommended for full effect.
  2. We offer 8-40 inch body waves, each weight is 100-120g, color is natural and #613 colors.Natural color is just like our own hair, because our hair is Virgin Hair Bundles,not permed or chemically treated, so there is less tangling and falling out.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Distributors

  • Straight Hair Bundles

Our hair is always top of the list on YouTube because our straight hair has been our top selling style since 2012 due to its variety of styling and ease of maintenance. Because customers choose straight hair, you can go through their own processing, out of their favorite style color modeling.

  1. Our straight hair is also natural color and #613 color, which is the best selling color, made by weft thread machine.100% Virgin Hair Bundles, you can perm it any way you like.
  2. We generally recommend straight hair because it’s easy to take care of and it gives you your own style, which you can wear with a unique style.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer

  • Deep Wave Bundles

For a lot of girls who prefer slightly larger curls that look neat, we recommend Deepwave.This hair wave is a low maintenance texture that is a carefree beach wave.

  1. Deep waves are naturally wet and wavy. Each strand is a small beach wave, so if you want to surf, then this hair is perfect for you. The length is 8-40 inches.
  2. This hair is just like our own hair, the curls are 100% virgin hair Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer , not dyed, not chemically treated, rarely tangling and falling off. In addition, our hair products have machine-enhanced fillers, and we can also have our professionals perm your hair if you need them.

Hair Extensions Supplier

  • Loose Wave Bundles

Loose Wave is the biggest wavy style Wholesale Brazilian Hair, and if you want to try a different style, you can go for this style, which shows you are very classy and beautiful.

  1. Big curls and small curls are similar in texture in softness, maintenance and styling, but this hair has a lot of volume and you can see how springy your hair is when you walk.  
  2. We have 8-40 inch scatter beam, also available in natural color and #613 color, you can choose any style you like.

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

  • Curly Hair Bundles

Curly hair has been praised by a lot of girls on Instagram and Youtub. A lot of girls love these little curls. They are so cute and fashionable, and they can be worn in a very attractive way.

  1. Our Curly hair are also unpermed, unchemically treated, 100% virgin hair, we also have natural black and 613 colors, you can dye them any color you like.
  2. Curly hair each weight 100-120 grams, we have 8-40 inches, you can choose the length you like.

Wholesale Brazilian Hair

  • Lace Closure

When it comes to extensions, one of the biggest concerns users have is the apparent ‘horse-shaped area’ (often referred to as the ‘U-shaped area’) where the hair joins the extensions.If you really want a more seamless and natural option, then you may be interested in our selection of Lace Closure.

A Lace Closure is a piece of lace that has been threaded with natural hair.It is then applied to the finished tissue to help cover up the “U-shaped part” in question.Therefore, you can go out with confidence because no one will notice you receive your hair!

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  • Lace Frontal

Our lace frontal is perfect to complete your fantasy look.Give your wig or weave a natural-looking style without damaging your natural hair.Available in 14 “and 16” lengths, our lace front is handcrafted to blend specifically with our extensions.As with all our products, our ribbons are made from a woman’s hair and have been quality checked to ensure that the hair meets our product standards and is whole, healthy and beautiful.

Bossskin Hair Vendors are Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer. Welcome to Our Warehouse Get Wholesale Price & Quality Virgin Hair, Inquire!
The Best Hair Vendor Direct Factory from China Fine & Free Package. Top OEM Service.Strict Quality Control !

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Styles Of Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Material: 100% Human Virgin Hair

Types: Brazilian hair,Peruvian hair,Malaysian hair,Indian hair and so on

Texture: straight ,body wave ,loose wave ,water wave ,kinky curly ,kinky straight ,deep wave etc

Grade: 9A,10A,11A,12A

Weight: about 95-100g=3.35-3.5ozs For Each Bundle

Length: 8″-40″

Color: Natural Black, #613


Human Hair Bundles Supplier

Why Choose Bossskin Lashes Hair Bundles?

What is a bundle of hair?

According to the production process, the Virgin Hair Wholesale can be divided into manual braided hair bundle and mechanism braided hair bundle.According to raw materials, it can be divided into Human Hair Bundles and synthetic fiber or human hair and chemical fiber blend.and now we have natural black and #613 color.

Curtain hairstyles are: big wave, small wave, straight hair.Bossskin Raw Hair Vendor currently sell hair curtain styles as follows.Welcome to contact us at WhatsApp +8613047510853. We have professional sales staff and team at your service.

Strapping devices are easy to use and wear, so they are becoming more and more popular.

Virgin Hair Bundles

What Is Lace Closure?

A Lace Wig is a special kind of wig that makes hair look natural.It covers the bottom of the hair and the coat to ensure safety and protect the hair from further damage.It is usually made of silk or lace.HD Closure is a new and very natural accessory for this year.The front lace is almost transparent.After wearing it, the wig is almost invisible.This is what people need to wear in their daily life.

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

What are the advantages of wearing a human Virgin Hair Bundles?

  • Protect hair from natural damage and dust.

Hair strands can create a new look and add protection to hair length.Natural hair is usually hidden in a grid.As a result, chemicals and dust do not damage natural hair.It also reduces hair thinning and tangles after use.

  • Increase your natural length

Lengthen the length of your hair without tying and tucking it in.Different parts of hair can only be used for styling, while other elements can be retained by using hair strands.This allows you to experiment with different styles, textures and features.

  • Use hair strands to add depth to hair

2-4 strands will improve the natural depth and density of your hair.It provides a richer and more complete look.You can use it with natural hair buttons to get the most glamorous and gorgeous look.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

  • versatility

To provide users with a large number of choices.You can experiment with different styles and textures.Consumers can also choose other colors.

  • Easy to maintain and maintain

Users or customers can easily use the sealed packaging at home.It’s easy to clean, you can do it yourself,

  • There is a custom natural look
  • Cheap and easy to get

Wholesale Virgin Hair Distributors

How To Care Your Hair Bundles?

  • Correct Way To Open The Hair Weft

Virgin Hair Vendors

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

  • Bundle Hair Care Tips

  1. lse sulfate-free shampoo at least once a week.Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb through hair starting at the ends working your way up.
  2. Do not massage the hair.Rinse thoroughly.Let hair air dry.
  3. Avoid using products containing heavy oils. grease. alcohol or sulfate.
  4. Apply heat protector when using any kind of heat
  5. Keep hair tangle free.Lightly brush using a paddle brush.
  6. Seek professional assistance when coloring hair.
  7. Braid or twist hair and wear satin bonnet to bed.
  8.  Protect the hair wefts!Keep safe from dust,dirt or moisture.
  9. Curly textures require extra care. Excessive heat can alter curl pattern. Pull hair in high ponytail at night to keep curls intact.Treat like it’s your own hair.

Wholesale Brazilian Hair

  • How To Do The Parting Of Lace Closure

4”*4” Lace Top Closure and 5”*5” Lace Closure, can do free parting, middle parting and  3 parting. Of course, Some customers prefer more obvious parting. Worker can customized the parting according to your requirements.

Lace Front Wigs Vendors

  • How To Comb Your Human Hair

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer

How To Measure The Bundles Length?

Virgin Hair Bundles

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

How To Comb Different Hair Styles

1.When you wear straight hair, you need to use a brush with a large slit so it won’t hurt the hair or pull out too many strands.Many customers use a comb with small tooth gaps, resulting in a short use of a headset, generally pulling off a lot of hair.

2.When you wear curly hair, such as body wave and water wave and loos wave and so on.every time you wash your hair, you need to use your hand to hold the hair tips towards the direction of the root of the hair pinch, this will make your hair waves more obvious, rather than some customers wear a wig for a while, the curl is gone, look bad.

Wholesale Brazilian Hair

How To Choose CAP Size

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head Weave?

“How many hairs bundles do you need to get a wig?”There are still many clients who don’t know how many strands of hair can be made into a complete headgear. When choosing a good Virgin Hair Bundles, you can make your hair look more natural and beautiful.

Custom Wigs

  • Hair Length

Bossskin Lashes Wholesale Hair Vendors, all strands weigh the same (110g/strand), so the longer the strand, the more hair is usually required.If you want to make your hair look thicker, we recommend adding more bunches from the roots to the ends to make your hair look fuller.Usually 3 bunches closed or 4 bunches with lace closed are enough to make a complete head braided, short length bunches are thicker than long hair.According to Peruvian virgin hair users, 12 inches or less, 2 bunches will suffice.Because this length has enough volume in the filling yarn.Start at 14 inches and use 2 or 3 packs.From more than 20 inches of hair, you need 3 to 4 strands of virgin hair.

Virgin Hair Bundles

  • Hair Texture

The popular hair quality in the market has straight hair, wave, curly hair and so on.What kind of hair do you prefer?The same strand of straight hair has a different density than curly hair, so we have to take this into account when deciding how many strands we need to weave.For Peruvian curls, we usually need fewer bunches because the weave is naturally more dense.We recommend 2-3 packs for a more natural look.Even though Peruvian straight hair is thick from start to finish, you may need a little more hair to look complete.We recommend 3-4 packs of the same length.

Wholesale Brazilian Hair

  • The size of your head

You know, different sizes of heads require different volumes of Wholesale Hair Bundles to complete the weaving of the whole head.The average head size of a woman in the United States is 22.5 inches.Grab your tape measure and wrap it around your head from ear to ear so that it fits well and you can work out your measurements.If your head size is above average, you may need more hair.If the size is less than the average, you may need less.

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

  • Lace Closure Or Lace Frontal

If you decide to use a lace closure or a lace frontal to Custom Wigs, you also need to consider the different sizes used for the lace closure or lace frontal.At Bossskin, there are 4 x 4 inch lace closure and 13 x 4 inch lace frontal, also known as ear-to-ear lace fronts.Of cause we know, when we use 13×4 inch lace frontal with hair bundles, we need less hair bundles than we use 4×4 inch lace closure. Normally, it needs 2-3 bundles with a lace frontal and needs 3-4 bundles with a lace closure to make a full look.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer

Wholesale Human Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

Bossskin Best Human Hair Bundles Supplier has launched some popular gift packages according to the market, if you want a sample, you can try to choose the style you like.The lowest price for a set is $172

Bundles Deal 1 

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 10″ 12″ 14″) + Lace Closure (12″) Straight Hair + shipping to usa=$172

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + Lace Closure (16″) Straight Hair + shipping to usa=$227

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + Lace Closure (20″) Straight Hair + shipping to usa=$284

Bundles Deal 2 

3 Bundles Body Wave Hair (mix 10″ 12″ 14″) + Lace Closure (12″) Body Wave Hair + shipping to usa=$172

3 Bundles Body Wave Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + Lace Closure (16″) Body Wave Hair + shipping to usa=$227

3 Bundles Body Wave Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + Lace Closure (20″) Body Wave Hair + shipping to usa=$284

Bundles Deal 3 

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 10″ 12″ 14″) + Lace Closure (12″) Loose Wave + shipping to usa=$172

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + Lace Closure (16″) Loose Wave + shipping to usa=$227

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + Lace Closure (20″) Loose Wave + shipping to usa=$284

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