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Why Customers Keep Ordering Mink Eyelashes From Bossskin Lashes ?

Why Customers Keep Ordering Mink Eyelashes From Bossskin Lashes ?

Alessandra Rizza is my customer, she always order mink lashes from us,  she ever said that “Your Bossskin Lashes can supply Mink Lashes and Custom Lash Box  in a good order and condition, also your shipping is very fast, your service is thoughtful and careness,  i don’t  need to change and inquire any other lash vendors, i resposible sell your luxury mink lashes in good price and make very good profits, you just provide quickly and good service for me, make new and good mink lahses for me”

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This is true, we gained trust and belives from Alessandra Rizza, she keep ordering Eyelashes from us, and her order is bigger than before, i believe that she  makes more better profits on lash business!

Following screenshots shows how we provide satisfy service for Alessandra Rizza, and what is her quickly order and  rapid payment  occured!

Mink Lashes Wholesale

Intime Shipping During Covid-19

This order was on 8th, March, it is during COVID-19 in China, she paid within 10 minites after get paypal payment link. We shipped her order out in 6 days, this is very difficult, because of Corona Virus, demestic and international express company seldom to start work, but we Aupres Lashes finished  all the orders very quickly, our customers beinifited on this like Alessandra Rizza.

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Alessandra Rizza The First Buyer Of New Lash Styles

When we get new lash styles launched, Uncle BERYL sent this fluffy and curly mink lashes to Yanira Soto, new and beautiful mink lashes. She was deeply attracted by this eyelash, she knew that she could lead the sale of this beautiful eyelash, which could bring more customers and more business to her, she ordered 123 pairs new lashes to start a new lash line and custom 435 pcs box with logo!!

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Wholesale Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes Wholesale

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