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Why do many customers like expensive mink eyelashes?

Why do many customers like expensive mink eyelashes?

Grafting eyelashes, eyelashes is popular in mink eyelashes did not appear before, because of growing eyelashes looks more natural than synthetic eyelashes on the market, but along with the social progress, speed up the pace of life, grafting eyelashes need too long at a time, which greatly increase the time cost of consumers, the Internet age, the time cost is you have to consider the factors, grafting need at least 1-2 hours at a time, time cost is too high!


Grafting eyelash is to settle the single root chemical fiber eyelash stick on his eyelash, and oneself eyelash as the metabolism of human body, begin to fall off from the third day, left and right eye begins to be asymmetric, the class of whole makeup look is pulled low.


Long-term grafting eyelashes will cause their own eyelashes to grow or grow upside down, slightly touching the eyes will cause pain, tears!


Once the eyelashes are grafted, there is only one style, the makeup style changes, and eyelashes cannot be changed at any time, which is not flexible enough.


Chemical fiber eyelashes on the market look rigid, eyelashes without layer feeling or have layer feeling too inflexible, chemical fiber eyelashes eyeliner terrier too hard, take a strong sense of blinking, you bring uncomfortable, can not set your mind at work, enjoy life!


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